Web Strategy

Flooring Inc. Landing Page

Vinyl Flooring Landing Page

For this page, I conceptualized and proposed this new layout and landing page design based on industry research, SEO strategy, user experience, and stage of funnel. 

I determined which sections we would show, what the content for each section should look like, and how this would feed into the next stage of the funnel (the above piece that I wrote) so that we could educate users based on where they are in the buying cycle / customer journey.
Features include:

  • Sticky navigation (you’ll see this as you scroll through the footer content
  • Expandable FAQ with all answers search engine crawlable and optimized for featured snippets
  • Full category top-of-funnel breakdown

Content on this page was written by one of my employee’s but I edited it and then led the QA and testing process as we introduced these new landing page features.

Fairytale Brownies Corporate Gifting Programs

I conceptualized, pitched, and led execution of these programs to bring in more consistent off-season revenue from business buyers.

I managed content and design throughout the process, including the content pages, email campaigns, social campaigns, and sales team collaboration.