Flooring Inc. Vinyl Flooring Sample Campaign

  1. What is Waterproof Vinyl
  2. Benefits of Waterproof Vinyl
  3. Laminate vs. Vinyl
  4. Vinyl Flooring Buying Guide

Rubber Flooring Inc. Abandoned Cart Campaign

  1. Price Match
  2. Shipping
  3. Free Samples

Rubber Flooring Inc. Welcome Campaign

  1. Our Specialties
  2. Four Ways to Use Rubber Flooring
  3. Returns

All emails are a small selection from larger campaigns built to extend over the lengthy buying cycle. I strategized the length of each series to follow the entire buying cycle from entry point to purchase based on the category or stage in the marketing funnel.

On these campaigns, I served as project lead with design and IT, creating all content, building campaigns and triggers in Infusionsoft (Keap), creating subject lines and preview text, A/B testing individual elements (always from the outside in – start with the send time or subject line and work in to individual elements!), reporting, and leading improvements to the campaigns based on data and analytics.