Blog Content


Each of these pieces were mine from start to finish, including: editorial planning and strategy, keyword research, topic research, writing, editing, building, and publishing. I worked as project lead with a web designer and videographer, requesting all deliverables, creating video scripts, etc.

When I started, physical therapists had previously been writing their blog posts, which is great for EAT, but not-so-great for writing quality.

I changed things up and created an interview-style approach working hand in hand with the physical therapists to ensure the highest level of accuracy without sacrificing quality writing.

Inc. Stores

At Inc. Stores, I started our blog from scratch, and by the time I left in 2019, it was bringing in more than 100,000 unique monthly visits, almost exclusively from search.

Again, I am responsible for everything other than videography, video editing, and design.

Ari’s Menu

This is where I got my start. Because it’s my blog, you’ll notice a very conversational and informal tone. That’s me. I can dress it up if that’s the brand’s tone of voice, but these will give you a feel for just me.

I was a one-woman team, so all writing, recipe development, photography, etc. was all done by me.