Ari is a former blogger turned digital strategist and leader with a wide variety of experience writing about health, fitness, food, flooring, and physical therapy.

In 2015, she brought her writing and digital strategy to the corporate world at Inc. Stores where she built the content marketing department from the ground up, became an SEO ninja, and discovered her passion for leadership.

Ari loves content leadership because it brings together her three greatest strengths: creativity, strategy, and connecting with people. She’s been able to use her data-driven approach and strong interpersonal skills to drive innovative digital initiatives, receiving buy-in from multiple high-level stakeholders, and ultimately, successfully executing these initiatives.

Outside the office, Ari spends most of her time determined to raise humans that will make the world a better place than they found it, lifting heavy things in the CrossFit gym, and training for road races. She is type A+, always with her eye on the next goal and her mind organizing how to get there.